I see you.

As an entrepreneur and an occupational therapist, addressing the needs of the underserved dyslexia community, I know that it can feel like you are alone on an island just trying to figure it all out.
I am here to say, I see you and you are not alone.

With over 30 years experience as an occupational therapy practitioner, including over 17 years as an entrepreneur and 12 years serving the dyslexia community

I have developed strategies to create a thriving private practice. This transcends to both bringing clients to their academic potential and created a business that always consistently cash flowed.

If you would like to grow your business, establish life balance or expand on best practices serving those with dyslexia you are in the right place. Below are just a few of the topics we can explore.

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Topics to explore

Dyslexia Evaluation Treatment Planning Best practice

Taking your dyslexia business to the next level

Balancing entrepreneurship, wellness, and home life

Expanding your practice

Services and price setting

Virtual Services

What People Say


“Penny’s mentorship was and is amazing! Every week, I looked forward to picking her brain and soaking in all her knowledge, and guidance. She made learning fun and taught me how to tackle the root causes of Dyslexia. She went in-depth and gave me the confidence I needed to help so many children and families who struggle with Dyslexia. As well, she gave me amazing guidance and tools in starting my own business. Thank you Penny!”

– Dominique Grossman, OTR/L

“Penny is one of my dear mentors. I have learned so much from her courses and private consulting sessions. She is methodical, foundational and a great teacher. She is an expert in the field of dyslexia. She has helped many of my clients with her guidance of specific evaluations and treatment.”

– Gittel Zelczer, OTR/L



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