“I reached out to Dr. Stack after my son was diagnosed with Dyslexia. I was lost, didn’t know where to start, and had more questions than I did answers. She flew in from out of state to evaluate him. The evaluation was so thorough. Dr. Stack answered all of my questions and gave me specific examples, which was so helpful. She explained each step to me and was very knowledgeable, honest, and helpful. I have reached out to her and leaned on her several times with questions throughout my journey and she is always happy to answer my many questions and guide me in the right direction. My son is improving exponentially under Dr. Stack’s recommended plan. I highly recommend Dr. Stack to any parent or adult that is has been diagnosed with Dyslexia or needs to be evaluated for Dyslexia.”



“My son’s handwriting was very behind even though he is in accelerated classes for his grade. We worried it would hinder him as he reached middle school and in junior high. Handwriting is more important than we realized when he was getting lower grades on tests because the teachers couldn’t read his handwriting and were getting marked down for it. We wanted to get him evaluated to ensure something greater wasn’t going on and so glad we did. He tested cognitively fine in all aspects except handwriting and we believe it was from the pandemic not letting them finish school for a couple of years in a row. My son worked with Dr. Penny for 3 months and his handwriting improved tremendously and so did my son’s confidence. She would ask my son permission and explain to him the plan to include how he felt about the program and he loved it because he felt like he was doing it with her. He LOVED working with her and when he graduated from the program he was sad that he wouldn’t see her weekly. I highly recommend Dr. Penny as she fully understands this and Dyslexia to help your brain work around those challenges. Our son is now set up for success!”


–Lisa R

“My daughter who is 10 has always struggled with reading. We have tried many different ways of helping but nothing seemed to help. I never thought that it was a dyslexia issue. I thought she was taking longer to catch on to reading. When I met Penny and told her some of the problems my daughter was having she said she could help. My daughter took an assessment and she had slight signs of Dyslexia. Penny explained to me that my daughter can be helped she just needed the correct tools to work with because her brain wasn’t making the normal connections. So we had to find a different way to connect them. My daughter worked in weekly session and it was amazing to see the change. I saw her become excited about reading. She loved going and learning. I noticed her reading on her own at home. We would be at the store and she would read the signs. My daughter has grown in reading and also her confidence in herself has grown. I would recommend these services to anyone who has been struggling with reading issues. You might not know that you are struggling with symptoms of dyslexia.”


– Sheila C

“Words cannot express my gratitude well enough for the prompt attention you have given to K’s report. It speaks volumes of your dedication to your clients and means so much to me. I think the information will be helpful to both. I appreciate your devotion to excellence and your attention to meeting our needs through this report.”


– Stephanie

“Thank you very much! Clara greatly benefited from all the therapy. She is happy, confident kid again. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.”


– Heather

“Penny and I initially connected through Facebook. I am a special education advocate and she found me online and reached out to me to meet. We had a short meeting at her clinic and I was impressed by her passion that sprung from her life experiences. Some time passed and I noticed on her Facebook page she was having a summer writting camp – an opportunity for younger children to learn the mechanics of writting. It was during that time that we reconnected. We started promoting each other’s businesses as it was an easy match, our services complement each other. Penny held a conference in the Tulsa area and asked if I would be a speaker, and of course I was more than excited to take that opportunity! After that our friendship grew. We started planning another conference, and a podcast! We cohosted Educate to Advocate for a couple of years. During this time not only did we become close friends, but I was given a front row seat to her passion to help children and their families through their dyslexia journey.

During covid my husband and I decided to pull our children from public school and homeschool them. It was clear to me from the beginning that our youngest son was struggling. While I had worked with families of children with all sorts of learning differences, I could not put my finger on what was going on with him. Penny encouraged me to let her evaluate him. He didn’t have dyslexia but he did have holes in his pre-reading skills that was causing global learning issues. She worked with him for a few months and helped me learn some amazing things I could do at home to help with those skills. We played games, we laughed, we focused on puzzles, memory games, visual perception games…. Not only did this help my child’s skills it was an amazing excuse to have fun every day! We spent a full year with very little pressure on reading, spelling, or writting. While we worked on it every day, we focused on successes – no matter how small. Today he reads above grade level and we are focusing on building spelling and writing skills. This process has been so full of grace for us. The lack of pressure for him to hit specific standards that he would have in public school, and the progress we see through fun activities has been life changing, and we owe that to Penny! Penny’s ability to understand the dyslexia walk and her knowledge of occupational therapy is a great mix to help children and their families!”


– April T