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We help families of children with dyslexia so they can find joy in being a family.

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“My daughter who is 10 has always struggled with reading. We have tried many different ways of helping but nothing seemed to help. I never thought that it was a dyslexia issue. I thought she was taking longer to catch on to reading. When I met Penny and told her some of the problems my daughter was having she said she could help. My daughter took an assessment and she had slight signs of Dyslexia. Penny explained to me that my daughter can be helped she just needed the correct tools to work with because her brain wasn’t making the normal connections. My daughter worked in weekly session and it was amazing to see the change…”

Stephanie F

“Thank you sooo much for working with our daughter last year (dyscalculia & issues with memory) and for encouraging her to go to college. She has made some bold decisions and tackled the massage program at college. She picked up her transcripts today! She graduated with Presidential Honors with a 3.96 GPA THANK YOU again for your encouragement! YOU made a difference in her life! And, I believe it’s very important to let you know that. We are social distance – hugging you right now!!!”

– Parent of a college graduate

“I reached out to Dr. Stack after my son was diagnosed with Dyslexia. I was lost, didn’t know where to start, and had more questions than I did answers. She flew in from out of state to evaluate him. The evaluation was so thorough. Dr. Stack answered all of my questions and gave me specific examples, which was so helpful.”

Tania Lavi

“My son’s handwriting was very behind even though he is in accelerated classes for his grade. We worried it would hinder him as he reached middle school and in junior high. Handwriting is more important than we realized when he was getting lower grades on tests because the teachers couldn’t read his handwriting and were getting marked down for it. We wanted to get him evaluated to ensure something greater wasn’t going on and so glad we did…” 

Lisa Riley